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  • Lubrication with “life time” seals.
  • Regular heat treatments.


  • The roller body is made by means of a high-precision hot pressing process.
  • The parts subject to wear undergo specific heat treatments to ensure the correct mechanical properties according to lifespan, both in impacts and as regards wear.
  • The capacity of the roller, inside, is obtained thanks to the use of low-friction bi-metal bushings that ensure long life under stress. This cuts any loss of roller shape to a minimum.
  • The correct lubrication between the shaft and the bushing is ensured by the precise coupling obtained by means of high-precision machining on shafts.
  • This ensures a uniform layer of oil and consequently low friction levels.
  • The “life time” seals provide a perfect roller seal and prevent outside materials penetrating the roller itself.
  • The oil used is specifically formulated for use and for both standard and heavy-duty applications.


  • Products are available from mini-excavators to mining machinery.
  • The welding of the two half-rollers is done using friction or arc processes and provides hight strength even in heavy-duty conditions.

VTRACK Benefits

  • Value: solutions are available for high and low-temperature uses.
  • Reliability: perfect lubrication for an exceptional lifespan.
  • Availability: standard and specific or personalized products with prompt delivery times.
  • Warranty: complete interchangeability with models on market and warranty covering all product defects.