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  • Reinforced links.
  • Excellent lubrication.
  • Low wear.


  • The links, obtained by means of a high-precision hot-pressing process, are heat treated to ensure durable core tenacity and extra hardness in the areas subject to wear.
  • The applied heat treatments considerably reduce the chipping caused by violent knocks.
  • Pins and bushings are specifically designed with different configurations depending on use both as regards mechanical engineering and heat treatment.
  • The seals used on the lubricated chains ensure perfect chain seal and extend chain life.
  • All the chain parts are high-precision machined and treated; careful assembly ensures perfect operation for all applications.


  • The VTRACK chains for excavator applications are designed with a grease lubrication system and polyurethane seal units.
  • VTRACK chain part design ensures utmost smoothness, efficiency and long life.
  • Product Specifications. Made for 0.5 to 700 ton machines. Chains for “tractor” use are available dry or lubricated with split link or joint pin.


  • Value: any type of chain/shoe combination can be created depending on individual needs.
  • Reliability: VTRACK is a quality product offering highly reliable performance.
  • Availability: the flexibility of stocks and suppliers ensures regular supplies for the market.
  • Warranty: complete interchangeability with current models on the market and warranty covering all