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  • All the materials used to make undercarriage parts are selected at origin and meet the highest international standards.
  • Special steels, personalized chemical compositions, constant and stringent heat treatments ensure product reliability in all applications. Ongoing research into materials with the most suitable characteristics and cutting-edge processes.


  • Excavator chains: the VTRACK excavator chains are all designed with dust guard in polyurethane and grease to ensure long life.
  • Tractor chains: chains can be chosen with metal seals or lubricated according to machine application.
  • Rollers: lower rollers with one or two flanges and upper rollers for both standard and special applications.
  • Drive wheels and sector units: melted and forged products suitable for all machine models and versions.
  • Track tightening wheels: broad range of uses and specific techniques that allow successful and regular lubrication.
  • Shoes: versatile models suitable for standard uses and “extreme service”.
  • Complete chassis: development and assemblage of complete carriages according to customer requirements.
  • Product Specifications.
    Products for applications from “mini” to “mining”.
    Articles for all the models of leading manufacturers.
    Products for special applications from drilling to paving.
    Applications from 0.5 to 1200 tons.


    • Value: the selection of the products most suitable for all domestic markets makes Valuepart an original partner able to bring together different international experiences with special local needs.
    • Reliability: careful part design and top-quality parts put Valuepart in a position to offer a range of different products and a highly-reliable service.
    • Availability: the Valuepart warehouses positioned in strategic areas and the mix at disposal ensure widespread and strategic product distribution and cater for all customer needs.
    • Warranty: Valuepart provides details of all its products so the article most suitable for the specific application can be selected. In case of faults, VTRACK’s products are covered by warranty and customers can rely on a fast and effective after-sales support.
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    Assembled chassis
    Wear parts
    Rubber chains